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We have secured a location for our 
 “ Fall Rally  2021 “ The location will be 
at Tom Johnson Campinng Center, Marion NC.
The dates will be October 6th-9th, leavin on the morning of Sunday 10/10/2021. 
This is the same location we held our rally in 2019. Everyone will be responsible for making their own reservations.
We haven’t confirmed arrangements for the caterer yet, but they will be the same provider that catered the 2019 rally.
Camping World, the owner of Tom Johnson Camping Center, has experienced issues with their computer systems & as such are not able to take reservations currently, but hope to have all their issues resolved by May 26th 2021. 
That said, they are running behind with 
normal day to day task & have suggested that if we wanted to stay close together as a group,  that individuals make their reservations as soon after the 5/26/2021 date as possible. Also we are having our Fall festival here in the county on Saturday 10/9/2021. That is the Mountain Glory Festival and there will likely be others coming into the area for this event to include this is prime leaf season & that will create more campers in the park.
Now that we have a location for the rally, we will plan with the cater as well as plan a couple of activities and the entertainment.
I hope as many as possible will plan to attend, as we have not had a Rally since October of 2019 and it will really be great to see you. We can catch up with what is happening in your world and share good food, entertainment  all with our Family of Friends.
I will be getting back with everyone soon regarding any  cost outside the campground.
The campground cost is quiet inexpensive as I recall. 
I apologize for the late date of getting this out to everyone, but I wasn’t sure we were even going to be able to have a rally with the COVID issues. Our Governor did not lift many of the restrictions until of late.

Contact Information for the campground:

Until Then
God’s Speed

Larry Miller